WAS Accreditation Services Are Intended For: 
Conformity Assessment Bodies that provide Certification, Testing, Inspection and Calibration services such as Certification Bodies, Inspection Bodies, Testing & Calibration Laboratories, Medical Laboratories etc. and Related Educational Services providers.

WAS Accreditation Assessment Process:
The accreditation assessment process deployed by WAS shall accommodate the organizations of all sizes and carrying out wide range of activities. WAS accreditation services are accessible to all applicants whose requests for accreditation fall within the activities and the limitations as defined within WAS’s polices and rules. Similarly, organizations accredited by WAS do not have any geographic restrictions and can offer their WAS accredited services internationally.

How To Apply for Accreditation:
The accreditation process starts with the filing of the duly completed application for accreditation and is followed by an adequacy assessment and onsite assessment. The process is concluded with the decision on accreditation. The post accreditation process commences thereafter.
The applicant should read and understand WAS’s Accreditation Scheme Manual especially the Requirements for Granting and Maintaining Accreditation and the Current Fee Structure before submitting the application in the prescribed format. Please refer WAS Manuals & Documents posted on the website www.waacreditations.com or please get in touch with the WAS secretariat. The process chart given below is for indicative purpose only. It is expected that the applicant organizations have a specific & assured plan of action for obtaining the WAS accreditation and nominate a senior & accountable person to co-ordinate all activities related to the accreditation process.
WAS accreditation is granted to organizations who have demonstrated that they fully meet the requirements of relevant national and international standards. Details of applicable standards can be obtained from ISO or National Standardization Body.
WAS does not provide consultancy, advisory or internal audit services for obtaining WAS accreditation nor does it has any policy to recommend or approve any consultant involved in such activities.

Cost of Accreditation:
Please refer Schedule of Fees under relevant Application Pack posted on the website www.waccreditations.com or get in touch with the WAS secretariat.

WAS Process Flow Chart

Initial Enquiry by the Applicant Conformity Assessment Body (CAB)
WAS sends Request For Quotation 2 Days
Applicant CAB sends duly filled REQ to WAS
WAS sends an Application Pack with Quotation 2 Days
CAB files the Application and enters into Contract
CAB receive the acknowledgment of Application from WAS 3 Days
Accreditation Assessment (Onsite/Witness) 1 Month
Corrective Action by CAB 1 Week to 12 Weeks
Accreditation Approval Committee Decision 1 Week
Accreditation Certificate 1 Week
Surveillance Assessment – 1 1st Year
Surveillance Assessment – 2 2nd Year
Re-Assessment Every Three Year