The WAS maintains the Global Directory of the Certificated Organizations certified by the Certification Bodies accredited by WAS. The sole purpose of this Directory is to provide All WAS Accreditation Regime Stakeholders, the Global Communities of Businesses and Consumers a Parallel Validation Facility for the WAS accredited certificates.
The WAS does not endorse the Certificated Organization listed in this Directory and makes no representations, warranties, or guarantees as to, and assumes no responsibility for, the products or services provided by these Certificated Organization. The WAS expressly disclaims all liability for damages of any kind arising out of the use or performance of the products or services provided by these Certificated Organizations.
Please refer the Advisory Document on Directory of Certificated Organizations Certified by the Certification Bodies Accredited by Accreditation Commission for Conformity Assessment Bodies WAS-CAB-AD-5.0 available under WAS Manual & Documents for further information in this regard.
The WAS Certificate Validation System contains live data of companies that have been issued genuine & valid WAS accredited certificates. Therefore for a certificate to be valid, the company should be shown below.
Please note that the Validations database is updated regularly. However, it may take between 12 to 18 weeks for this data to be made live and be available to the public through this web-page. Any enquirer can obtain up-to-date confirmation of validity of WAS Accredited certificates by emailing WAS at

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